The Benefits Of An Online Takeaway Ordering System

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Of course, it goes without saying that we’re massive advocates of an online food ordering system. But, what exactly are the benefits of an online takeaway ordering system and is it worth the investment?

The Benefits Of An Online Takeaway Ordering System

Increase Profits

As we’ve discussed in our previous blog, an online food ordering system can provide a second income stream for a whole host of businesses, including, restaurants, cafes, bars, butchers and shops.

Add to this that users are more likely to place larger orders through an online system, as opposed to over the phone or face to face, thanks to having more time to browse, you can be sure that you’ll boost your profits with an online takeaway ordering system.

Plus, our online takeaway ordering system doesn’t cost the earth. We charge a one off fee of £300 and only take a 4.5% transaction charge, as opposed to the 20-30% that our competitors charge. Therefore, you’re reaping the benefits of an online food ordering system with minimum expenditure, further boosting your profits.

Reduce Admin

Manning your phone or messages for takeaway orders can prove quite laborious for restaurants, and is especially cumbersome on a busy night of bookings. Therefore, implementing an online takeaway ordering system is an easier, more effective way to process takeaways that doesn’t take away from your in house service and doesn’t take up any extra resources or time: music to any restaurant owners ears!

Reduce Order Errors

When taking takeaway orders over the phone, order errors are more likely, especially if you have a bustling restaurant or bar in the background. However, taking orders through a bespoke online ordering system helps to hugely cut down on order errors, keeping your customers happy and saving you valuable time, money and resources!

Returning Customers

In today’s world, convenience is key, especially when it comes to takeaway ordering. Customers are no longer happy to repeatedly try and get through to an engaged phone line or travel to their local takeaway to place an order. Instead, they want a quick, easy way to order their favourite takeaway, and, an online system is exactly the way to do that.

All customers have to do is head to your website or social media, browse your menu and quickly place their order. Then, they’re given their collection or delivery time as well as a bespoke order confirmation. Such a streamlined, easy to use process keeps customers happy and therefore makes you their first choice when it next comes to that takeaway treat night.

Collect Crucial Customer Data

By hosting our online takeaway ordering system on your own site, you can easily capture your customer’s details as soon as they place an order with you.

That leaves you able to market to them in the future, increasing your chances of repeat orders and establishing a sound relationship with your customer base: an advantage you don’t get through telephone orders, or with other online order and delivery services who host your site on their takeaway directory.

Covid-19 Protection

Last but certainly not least, an online takeaway ordering system has huge benefits when it comes to Covid-19, which is sadly impacting many businesses, especially in hospitality.

For restaurants and bars who are subject to closures due to Covid, an online takeaway ordering system will provide a second income stream and allow these venues to continue operating, even if their in house services are suspended or reduced due to Covid. For some venues, this means the difference between closing permanently or staying afloat.

Secondly, an online takeaway ordering system is fully Covid-safe for both customers and your staff. The online order process reduces human contact and therefore helps to reduce potential transmission of the virus. Meanwhile, by giving customers a specific collection time, our online ordering system helps to reduce large gatherings of people at your venue for takeaway collection, both reducing the spread of the virus and keeping your customers happy with reduced waiting times.

The benefits of an online takeaway ordering system are endless, and that goes for both businesses and their customers! If you’d like to see the benefits of our food ordering system for yourself, call our team on 01253 698328 for a free, online demo.