Online Takeaway Ordering System For Restaurants


Online Takeaway Ordering System For Restaurants

Only a 4.5% Transaction Charge

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    Grow your revenues with automated takeaway ordering and payment

    Monetize your web/social with your own-branded ordering interface

    No more extortionate transaction charges of up to 30%

    Build your own customer database and market to it directly

    How Our Online Takeaway Ordering System Works?

    Once you’ve signed up for our online takeaway ordering system, the ordering interface will be embedded into your website, social, Google listing and page. Your customers can then click on a dish, view an image, add it to their basket, choose a delivery or collection time and then pay for it. Your customer gets a bespoke confirmation email while the order comes through to you by email and text. It really is that simple! But, what are the benefits of this online takeaway ordering system?

    The Benefits Of Our Online Takeaway Ordering System For Restaurants

    Due to the COVID-19 lockdown, restaurants were forced to close. As such, takeaway was the only possible source of income. Although restaurants are now opening back up, many fear a second lockdown, whether it be local or national.

    And, whether it’s because of diner concerns regarding COVID-19 risks or because of reduced capacity due to social distancing, restaurants are still reporting reduced profits post-lockdown. 

    Using an online takeaway ordering system can provide your restaurant with a second income stream that helps to combat against all the above COVID-related concerns, even a second lockdown.

    But, COVID-19 isn’t the only reason restaurants would benefit from online takeaway ordering. It comes as no surprise that offering a takeaway service provides restaurants with a second income stream, allows them to serve more customers and therefore take more profits while utilising the food, staff and resources they already have in place. 

    However, taking phone orders and payments over the phone or face to face in the midst of a busy restaurant can be a inconvenience to already busy restaurateurs and staff. Using an online takeaway ordering system removes this inconvenience and replaces it with a cost-effective, easy to use system that allows you to monetise your website and social media and cut down on order errors. Plus, with more time to browse online and a secure online payment gateway customers will spend up to 20% more and are more likely to place repeat orders with you. 

    Our back end order management system even allows you to manage collection times and create bespoke discounts to send to customers, simultaneously streamlining your takeaway service and increasing your offering and customer benefits. 

    Unlike competitors our food ordering system doesn’t take customers away from your website to make orders and we don’t charge excessive transaction fees. Instead, we offer a transparent, one-off fee with 4.5% commission so you can plan and account for our fee while increasing your orders and reducing your admin time.

    online takeaway ordering system for restaurants

    The Benefits Of Our Online Takeaway Ordering System For Diners

    More and more frequently consumers are turning to takeaways as a flexible, dynamic and convenient dining experience that provides them with restaurant quality food from the comfort of their own home. An online takeaway ordering system is the best way to offer that. 

    By offering takeaway ordering through your website and social media, your dishes are placed in front of customers when they are looking for their takeaway treat. For customers that means no more trying to get through to a busy restaurant via phone, no more long waiting times, no collection queues and no more order mistakes. Instead, they are met with a simple to use order interface that allows them to browse dishes to their heart’s content, make sure they’ve added all their sides and extras, enter their dietary requirements, select a collection or delivery time pay securely and even enter discount codes, all without leaving their current browser. 

    Following secure payment, customers then receive a bespoke, automated confirmation email detailing their order and collection or delivery time, thus further enhancing the customer experience and allowing customers to simply look forward to enjoying their delicious restaurant quality food at home.

    How Much Does Our Online Takeaway Ordering System For Restaurants Cost?

    With a one off set up fee of £300 plus VAT and commission of just 4.5% per order transaction our online takeaway ordering system for restaurants is the best value on the market. Why pay charges of up to 30%?

    Increase your sales without extortionate costs by taking orders and payments with Sugarvine At Home. 

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