Online Ordering System For Takeaways


Online Ordering System For Takeaways

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    How Our Online Ordering System For Takeaways Works?

    Our online ordering system for takeaways is simple to use for both takeaways and their customers. As soon as you have signed up for our takeaway ordering system, the ordering interface will be embedded on your social channels, website Google listing and page. From any of these platforms, your customers can access your takeaway menu, add dishes to their basket, choose delivery or collection time and then pay securely. You get the order sent directly through via email and text while your customer gets a bespoke confirmation email. It really is that simple! But, its simplicity isn’t the only benefit of our online ordering system for takeaways. 

    The Benefits Of Our Online Ordering System For Takeaways

    Takeaways, especially during peak times, are incredibly busy venues with customers expecting their orders quickly with maximum convenience. Our online food ordering system can help takeaways to keep up with, and grow, this demand. 

    In an ever-growing digital world, takeaway customers are more likely to order online. By having an easy to use online ordering system in place that provides a full menu ready for browsing, secure online payment gateways and offers convenient delivery or collection, you are likely to increase your takeaway orders, as well as the order amount. Plus, thanks to a fully automated system, you cut down on admin time taking orders over the phone or face to face and cut down on the potential for order errors, thus boosting customer satisfaction and saving you valuable takeaway time and money. 

    It isn’t just our ordering system that benefits takeaways. Included in Sugarvine At Home is a simple back end order management system that allows you to manage collection times and create bespoke discounts to send to customers, simultaneously streamlining your takeaway service and increasing your offering and customer benefits. 


    online ordering system for takeaways

    The Benefits Of Our Online Ordering System For Customers

    Although demand for takeaways may have increased, the way we want to order takeaways has changed. Gone are the days of calling up or popping into takeaways and placing an order. Now, customers want to order takeaways online and seamlessly arrange collection or delivery to make takeaways as convenient as possible.

    An online food ordering system helps your takeaway to keep up with this digital shift and be right in front of your customers whenever and wherever they want to order; whether that’s on your social media channels,, Google My Business Listing or of course your own website. For customers that means no more trying to get through to a busy takeaway via phone, no more long waiting times, no collection queues and no more takeaway order mistakes. Instead, they can browse their favourite dishes on a simple to use order interface, make sure they’ve added all their sides dishes, enter any dietary requirements, select a collection or delivery time, pay securely and even enter discount codes. All of this without leaving their current browser.

    Online Takeaway Ordering Systems and COVID-19

    With COVID-19 still present in society, customers are looking at the ways that their favourite takeaways are helping to keep them safe. An online ordering system cuts down customer and staff contact time, thereby keeping both parties safe. Plus, with the option for specific collection times and even the option to input your own delivery service, you can offer contact free services that will keep customers and staff safe and encourage wary customers that your takeaway is COVID safe. This customer reassurance in turn encourages customers to spend more and ensures repeat purchases and orders. 

    You can find out more about how our online food ordering system helps to make takeaways COVID safe here

    How Much Does Our Online Ordering System For Takeaways Cost?

    Sugarvine At Home is available with a one off set up fee of £300 plus VAT and commission of just 4.5% per order transaction. This makes our online ordering system for takeaways the best value on the market. Why pay charges of up to 30%?

    Increase your sales without extortionate costs by taking takeaway orders and payments with Sugarvine At Home. 

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