COVID Safe Takeaways with Sugarvine At Home


Although the majority of restaurants and cafes are now beginning to reopen their doors as the UK lockdown eases, takeaways are still being preferred by some restaurants and diners. Despite takeaways, food packaging and food being a low source of transmission, it is still vital that takeaways are made COVID-safe for both consumers and restaurateurs. Therefore, we’re looking at the three ways Sugarvine At Home can make takeaways profitable yet COVID-safe for all involved.

Easy, Online Ordering

It’s safe to say that COVID-19 has sped up our society’s already fast-moving switch to the digital world. Whether it’s food or clothing, online ordering has certainly taken a precedence during lockdown and it looks set to continue even as lockdown eases.

Having an easy, online takeaway ordering system embedded on your website is a great way to adapt your restaurant or takeaway to this digitally-focused world. We simply input your menu options, images and prices and then embed our widget onto your website or social media. From here, consumers can easily order their favourite dishes directly from you, pay and receive an automated order confirmation from you. Meanwhile, their order is sent straight to you where you can prepare your delicious dishes ready for delivery or collection.

This online system clearly reduces human contact and therefore helps to make takeaways contact free and COVID-safe.

Plus, such a straightforward, low-cost system increases orders thanks to its user-friendly frontend and the instant ordering it provides for consumers on social media, your website and In fact, online takeaway ordering systems are seen to increase order regularity by 6% and increase order value by 20%.

Meanwhile, looking on the bleak side, should a second lockdown occur, your restaurant or pub has a safety valve and second source of income in our easy to use online takeaway ordering system. 

Cashless Payments

Experts have repeatedly highlighted that cash can contribute to the spread of Coronavirus. Therefore, cashless payments have been encouraged.

Our online takeaway ordering system includes a secure, easy to use payment portal. Therefore, you can keep your staff and customers safe by reducing the handling of cash whilst also making the ordering process easier and more efficient for your customers.

Contact Free Delivery and Collection

To aid social distancing and reduce the spread of Coronavirus, contact free deliveries have become the new normal.

Using our online takeaway ordering system, you can outline your contact free policies on your automatic order confirmation email or directly on your website hence increasing consumer confidence in ordering a takeaway from your establishment and helping to ensure that consumers follow your safety measures, whether they’re collecting from you directly or accepting a delivery. Plus, the contact free delivery and cashless pre-payment online reduces wait time and queuing for customer – something I think we’d all like a bit less of in the ‘new normal’!

Our easy to use, great-value online takeaway ordering system helps to facilitate efficient online ordering, cashless payments and contact free deliveries all of which help make takeaways COVID safe whilst also increasing your takeaway orders. All of this plus coverage on our dining guide for a one-off £300 plus vat sign-up fee and then 4.5% on each transaction. Contact our team to find out more, or to try the live system for free.